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It's The Little Things

5 Tips for Moving with a Child

Moving is a big hassle as it is. Children add a whole new element to the process that must be accounted for. However, like anything else, if you’re prepared it can minimize the stress and headaches. Here are some tips for moving with children. Be mindful of meals and snacks. A transition between homes will throw...
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7 Week Old Boy Hears Mom’s Voice for First Time

A video captures the first time an infant heard his parents voices. With the help of a hearing aid, seven-week-old Lachlan was able to experience a new sense. Initially uncomfortable to have something shoved in his ear, you can see the surprise and joy as his parents start talking to him. Uploaded to YouTube on...
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This is What Happens When Toddlers See You Angry

A new study from the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences is examining how children respond when adults get angry. In the video above we see a 15 month old toddler named Adrien. The video starts with him playing, like toddlers do, with various toys. The woman administering the test...
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