Prepper Care (30-36 Months)

Child Care That Lays the Foundation for Preschool and Beyond

As a Prepper, your child is transitioning from a Twaddler to a preschool student. Chatting with friends increases verbal and social skills. Solving shape puzzles strengthens problem-solving skills, while drawing and painting nurture creativity. Prepper teachers work to foster self-esteem during Learning Center Time and Small Group Experiences. As preparation for moving into our exclusive Tutor Time LifeSmart™ preschool curriculum our Prepper teachers introduce one concept at a time, so your child feels proud, not frustrated.

Learn From The Start Curriculum

A research-based developmental program developed specifically for our Infants, Toddlers and Two's. Unlike other programs, Learn from the Start focuses on key developmental milestones rather than chronological age. In doing so, unique experiences and lessons are designed around your child's needs and emerging skills. Each individual and small group experience will stimulate and expose learning concepts in a fun and engaging way. Your child's teacher will be using specifically designed materials to teach, observe and record your child's learning. Teachers will choose weekly activities that build on emerging skills and introduce new concepts. Our daily routine allows time for small group and individual experiences. Your child will work on those developing social skills when he works with her classmates to create a gourmet lunch in our Pretend Center. He will also have an opportunity to engage his creative side with collaging with glue, paper and natural materials in the Art and Science Center. Teachers will help children build upon early literacy and communication skills by sharing books, singing songs and puppetry.

In the classroom

Our classrooms include areas for exploring, learning, sleeping, eating and diapering that create a safe and empowering environment. The classrooms are also divided into centers that meet your child's need to move, explore, investigate and relax:

  • Block and Math Center
  • Music and Movement Center
  • Pretend Center
  • Art and Science Center

  • Language and Literacy Center

  • My Space

Whether it's sorting textures or pretending to be a zoo keeper, our teachers give our Prepper's plenty of opportunities to investigate, discover and play in a safe, secure, yet stimulating environment. Because this curriculum recognizes that there are many different ways to be smart, your child will learn to love learning. And that means your Prepper will really be ready for our Tutor Time® LifeSmart™ curriculum.

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Meet Our Staff

Miss Vita

Prepper Apple Lead Teacher

Vita graduated from SUNY Stony Brook with a BA in History and began begin her Master's in education this September. Prior to working at Tutor Time, Vita also babysat. Her hobbies include learning new things, listening to music and watching movies. Vita enjoys working with children because they are fun, energetic, adorable and there is never a dull moment around them.

Miss Katie

Prepper Apple Assistant Teacher